Bengaluru: Winning and losing elections are part and parcel of a political person’s life. But to go beyond the duality and work for the welfare of the people, transcending all barriers is the hallmark of a truly noble soul. 

E Sreedharan, BJP’s face in the just-concluded Kerala polls is an example of it.

As promised by him during the campaigning, he has ensured many families power connection from his own pocket. 

It is to be noted that Sreedharan had lost the Palakkad seat by a margin of around 4,000 votes to Congress' Shafi Parambil. 

Swarajya notes that during his campaign Sreedharan had promised residents of Maduraveeran colony that all will get power connections whether he wins or loses. Some families in that locality did not have power connections and others had their connections cut due to non-payment of arrears.

It is reported that Sreedharan sent a cheque for Rs 81,525 from his personal savings to Assistant Engineer, KSEB, Kalpathy, to clear the pending dues of the families. Additionally, he has ensured that 11 families will get new power connections as well.

Pamban bridge renovation:

The expert civil engineer rose to prominence during the restoration work of Pamban bridge in Kerala in the year 1964. The bridge had sustained massive damage owing to a cyclone. Sreedharan was asked to take up the renovation work and was given just 6 months for it. Incidentally, his senior reduced it further to just 3 months! 
But an unfazed Sreedharan was ready to take up the task. In a matter of 46 days, he repaired the bridge, much to the amazement of all!          

The Kolkata metro: 

By now, Sreedharan had etched his name in creating impressive infrastructural projects. In the year 1970, he was tasked with the implementation of Kolkata metro. Putting his shoulder to the wheel, he successfully completed the project, earning plaudits for his meticulous execution and technological wherewithal. 

Konkan Railway: 

The roughly 800-km railway connecting the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa is Sreedharan’s brainchild. It has over 2000 bridges and 90 tunnels. The challenges involved not just acquisition of land, but also loose soil, flash floods and even landslides. But none of these calamities could deter the man and he successfully completed it. 

Delhi Metro: 

Sreedharan also has to his credit the successful completion of the Delhi metro in record time. 

What sets him apart from others was his knack to insulate himself from political pressures and deliver success impeccably. 

It is needless to say that he has been honoured with a plethora of awards. The cry for a Bharat Ratna is also hard to ignore, but we can safely say that he is a Ratna that Bharat is blessed with!