New Delhi: The Modi regime in its second avatar has continued to baffle popular perceptions after Friday saw some unexpected portfolio distribution.

While Amit Shah, who was strongly rumoured throughout Thursday to take over the Finance portfolio, finally took over as the next Union Home Minister.

Rajnath Singh was shifted out to take the Defence ministry. Ex-defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman took over as the new finance minister.

With Harsh Vardhan back in the saddle as the health minister, the government has given clear indications of its future blueprint.

If a look at the next possible items on BJP’s agenda is considered, the new team is well tailored to carry them out.

Amit Shah

With his most trusted lieutenant in charge of the home ministry PM Narendra Modi could well be poised to handle the Jammu Kashmir muddle. The regime, anyway, as MyNation had reported earlier, was seriously mulling over doing away with Articles 370 and 35A that confer special status on the “residents” of the state.

The security apparatus of the nation could be expected to be further beefed up.

Rajnath Singh

While Singh is one of the most senior leaders of the BJP, his shifting out to make space for Shah will raise some eyebrows, but he is well-suited for his new job as defence minister. While Sitharaman, with all her expertise and talent, was not able to handle the Rafale charge of the Congress effectively, at least, in public perception.

Singh, on the other hand, is a tough nut to crack and a seasoned orator who can handle anything thrown at him. He would be handling the ‘Make in India’ plan in defence along with several high-profile defence acquisitions and deals.

Nirmala Sitharaman

While she was an excellent defence minister, her reputation in running the commerce ministry must be considered while looking at her as the new finance minister.

She would be instrumental in taking further the flagship welfare schemes of the prime minister, including the new job podium that the new regime is thinking to launch for boosting jobs growth. Since she is a great team player, she will be expected to work in tandem with the experts in the Niti Aayog.

Her biggest responsibility would be to create wealth to be pumped into the several welfare schemes of the PM.

Harsh Vardhan

The good doctor, Mr Clean as many calls, is now back in the saddle as the new health minister. Having come back from shunting in the last government, he would be itching to make his mark in a field he understands best. He too shall be handling the flagship welfare schemes of the prime minister, most of all the Ayushman Bharat Scheme that played a big role in getting the government back in power.

He could play a seminal role in if the two-child policy is rolled out by the government.