Bengaluru: With the will to do something different in order to stand apart and earn huge profits, one can do wonders. 

Meet Adnan Ali Khan of Aligarh. He is a copperware businessman. He earns lakhs as profits every year! 


Hailing from a middleclass family, Ali Khan always wanted to be a businessman. After his college education, one of his friends advised him to get an MBA done from the UK. Luckily for him, due to his good performance in college education, the fee was reduced. He also interned in order to meet his expenses. 

At the same time, when he used to visit hotels to have his meals, he discovered that the dishes used to be cooked in brass and copper utensils. He also learnt that these hotels used to place orders for these utensils from India. That is when he had a Eureka moment! 

When such orders are placed by these hotels in India, he decided he could plunder a fortune by starting a business in the same direction. 

Though he got a job after completing his education, he did not take it up. Instead, he returned home. 

Then, he broached this idea with his family. As reported by, he says, “Once I returned home, I talked about my enterprise with my family. There was not a lot of capital. My father was afraid that if he didn’t succeed, his lifetime earnings would go for a toss.” 

But a persevering Khan did not give up. He invested a lot of time researching about his venture. 

Later on, as he worked assiduously, he got orders worth Rs 50,000. Then, there was certainly no looking back. His business flourished and he began to earn more profits. 

Now, he also has international customers. It is interesting and even heartening to know that Khan has spread his wings far and wide and has even been able to employ more than 20 people!