New Delhi: Rohit Shekhar's relationship with the wife of ND Tiwari's former staff member caused a strain in his own marriage and could have been the reason for his murder. Rohit's refusal to spend quality time with his wife Apoorva Shukla could have contributed to the murder. 

After killing Rohit, who was the son of former Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand chief minister ND Tiwari, Apoorva had allegedly gone to sleep in a different room. Delhi Police have arrested her in connection to Rohit's murder.

Police claim that on the day Rohit was allegedly murdered by his wife, she had made a video call which showed Rohit and the other woman drinking alcohol in his car. The call was made around 7.30pm on April 15 while Rohit was returning from Uttarakhand. An angry Apoorva decided to stay inside the room after Rohit returned.

The police added that Apoorva eventually came out of the room and went into the room where Rohit was in an inebriated state and sleeping. 

The police said, "She went into the room where Rohit was sleeping in an inebriated condition. She went in around 1am and came out around 2am. During these 60 minutes, she tried to spend some quality time with him and also asked him why he was so close to the officer's wife. As Rohit was drunk he couldn't respond properly and in frustration, Apoorva killed Rohit by strangulating and smothering him."

A senior officer of the special investigation team told MyNation, "After she was sure Rohit had died, Apoorva came out of the room and slept in another room. According to the post-mortem report, Rohit was killed at around 1.30 am."

According to Rohit’s mother Ujjwala Sharma, Apoorva was unhappy with Rohit’s friendship with the former officer and his wife. While it was initially believed to be a natural death, doctors from the AIIMS had raised doubts, following which a murder case was registered.

Rohit's autopsy report has also claimed that his death was caused due to smothering and strangulation. Rohit's mother, in her statement, said that there was immense tension between her son and his wife due to Rohit's proximity with an officer who worked under ND Tiwari and his wife. 

“My elder son, Siddharth, wanted to give a share of his property to their son and this made Apoorva unhappy. The couple have been serving the family for decades,” she alleged.