Bengaluru: We all need dignity at death, don’t we? 

But for some, even that is a luxury, or sometimes, beyond the skies to get. 

However, there are some good souls who go beyond their limitations, just to ensure their fellow beings get that dignity. 

The person we are going to talk about is Pattapagalu Venkat Rao. Rao hails from Andhra Pradesh. With his work, he is no less than a demi-god! 


He began his career as a cold drinks seller and then started his own finance company. 

He did make decent money from his businesses. And using his money, he has done remarkable good to the society. 

Two crematoriums in Rajamahendravaram on the banks of River Godavari have been renovated, all due to his selfless work using the money that he has earned, as reported by India Times. 

The website adds that the two crematoriums were hunting grounds for dogs and vultures, but once he endevoured to renovate them, things have drastically changed. 

In 2006, he got the Prathiba Rajiv Puraskar for his phenomenal work. 

It is people like him that deserve our respect and praises. Putting themselves at financial risk, he has gone the extra mile to grant dignity to the people.