Bengaluru: There are multiple uses of cow dung. In the latest that has come to picture, cow dung is being used to make diyas for Diwali! 

As interesting as it sounds, these diyas can be substitutes for earther pots and hence can be more eco-friendly. 

As per a news agency, a few women from Jaipur, Rajasthan, have endeavoured to make such diyas. 

"Cow dung is believed to be pure in our tradition. Over 100 women are making 1,000 pieces of diyas each day," Sangita Guar, a worker in the cow shelter, as quoted by ANI.


"We feel happy about using local products to celebrate our festivals," Pinki, another worker, said.

Dr Atul, the cowshed owner, said that India is dependent on China for products like these to celebrate "our festivals".

"So we have taken this initiative to produce organic earthen lamps, where thousands of women could be employed in the state. It will bring an alternate source of income to the cowsheds as well. It is eco-friendly and promotes the vision of "Vocal for Local" as well," he added.

Prime minister’s ‘vocal for local’ campaign has become a hit with the masses as it promotes self-reliance and gives thrust to local people.