Bengaluru: The dome of one of the most important Hindu temples in the country – the Kamakhya temple – Assam will be gold-leafed. 

Reports state that Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has taken up the work with 20 kgs of gold. 


Mukesh Ambani, RIL, had promised that he would be giving the said amount of gold for the purpose mentioned. 

It is indeed a Diwali gift. 

Reports further note that the work has already begun. The company’s jewellery division has already employed its staff. It is also to be noted that the company itself is providing security for the same. 

As reported to Guwahati plus, Mohit Sarma, Doloi of Kamakhya Devalaya said, "We are hopeful to complete the work before Diwali. The peak of the dome was already of gold. Now Reliance is facilitating the plating of the complete tomb in gold. Once the work is completed, we are expecting Mukesh Ambani's visit here. But nothing has been confirmed as of now. We are happy and excited to have see the Kamakhya Temple in a new look." 

Hemanta Biswas Sharma, a key minister in Assam, was the one who has been credited with roping in RIL for the beautification work. The temple had been shut down for several days owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. The new beautification would draw more devotees. 

Ambani is a great devotee of the temple and had extended a proposal for the same in September. The temple authorities countenanced his request, therefore paving way for the gold-leafing. 

The entire project is estimated to cost the company Rs 10 crore.