Thiruvananthapuram:  Student Federation of India (SFI) unit members Sivaranjith and Nazeem on July 15 confessed to stabbing Akhil Chandran in the premises of the Thiruvananthapuram University College. Kerala Police arrested the duo on Monday morning. The other four accused in the case are identified as Adil, Aromal, Nijab and Advaith.

Five among the main accused are presently in police custody and will be produced before the court and later remanded.

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On Friday, 20-year-old Akhil, who allegedly fought with SFI leaders in the college for singing a song was stabbed. According to sources, Akhil and SFI leaders in the college engaged in a verbal duel which escalated into Akhil being stabbed twice in the chest with a penknife. According to reports, the two accused gave a statement which claimed that there were problems between Akhil's gang and their gang for over a week.

Meanwhile, during raids at houses of main accused Sivaranjith, police found four bundles of unused answer sheets belonging to the University of Kerala to which the college is affiliated. Officials also found a seal of the physical education director.

When police questioned Sivaranjith regarding the answer sheets, he said that he stole unused answer sheets from college because previous experiences with college authorities had led to animosity and that this was an act of vindictiveness. 

However, police still believe that Sivaranjith took the unused answer sheets with the motive of using it for copying in exams.

Police also reported that the seal of the physical education director found in Sivaranjith's house is fake.