Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Students Union (KSU) workers staged a protest inside the secretariat compound in connection with the Thiruvananthapuram University College stabbing case. The protesters, including a woman and three others, jumped over the compound wall of the secretariat to stage a protest. Waving the KSU flag, Shilpa shouted slogans against campus violence near the chief minister's office in the north block. Meanwhile, three others were taken into custody before they gained entry. The indefinite hunger strike of the KSU entered its third day on Wednesday.

Kerala Police have arrested six members of the SFI in connection with the stabbing of college student Akhil Chandran in the premises of Thiruvananthapuram University college. The accused have been identified as Sivaranjith, Nazeem, Adil, Aromal, Nijab and Advaith.

The victim, Akhil, gave his statement to Kerala Police on Wednesday. He stated that SFI unit president Shivaranjith had stabbed him. He added that party unit secretary Nazeem had held his hands during the incident.

Akhil reportedly said, “There was a section of students who did not accept the SFI unit committee of the college. I was one of them. Following this, few members from the unit committee were against them. They asked us not to sing in the campus or enter class. A clash broke out after this. Soon after this, Sivaranjith stabbed me when Nazeem held me.”

On July 12, 20-year-old Akhil, who allegedly fought with SFI leaders in the college for singing a song was stabbed. According to sources, Akhil and SFI leaders in the college engaged in a verbal duel which escalated into Akhil being stabbed twice in the chest with a penknife.