Bengaluru: To continue to live even after one dies, one just needs to donate their organs who are in need. A 57-year-old woman did just that.  

She was declared brain dead after she suffered severe head injuries. But she has saved the lives of at least three people even in her death, reports Times of India. 

The website adds that she was brought to Aakash Hospital in Dwarka, New Delhi on March 28. After she was declared brain dead, the hospital said, her family members consented to donate her organs.

“According to the government’s allocation criteria, organs were harvested and transferred at 5am on March 29; one of her kidneys was given to a patient at Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka, itself while the other one was sent to Apollo Hospital for transplantation in a 52-year-old. The woman’s liver was used for transplantation in a 71-year-old man admitted at Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon,” the website quoted authorities at Aakash Healthcare said. Her corneas too have been preserved. 

It also quoted Vikas Agarwal, director and head of the department of urology, and kidney transplant at Aakash Healthcare, as saying, “It’s dismal to see that in India less than 1% of the braindead organs are utilised, while 99% are wasted due to lack of an organised and centralised system. 

The main cause is lack of consciousness or understanding of how important a donation can be for a person struggling for life”.