New Delhi: While the nation is celebrating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biggest victory and the people's mandate, an American newspaper which has worldwide influence and readership termed India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi a 'Polarizing leader'. On it's Twitter account the newspaper tweeted and called the Bhartiya Janta Party a Hindu nationalist party.

The article which has no byline has also said, "Mr Modi, India's powerful and polarizing prime minister will get a new term. 'India wins yet again' he posted on Twitter," New York Times says.

The article has also mentioned about the nuclear test conducted by Pakistan linking it with Modi's rise.

The Tweet is also facing criticism from the public. "How do you justify calling #NarendraModi polarizing? It's a clear victory. Across religion, class or castes," Shalini Digvijay tweeted as a reply to the tweet of the New York Times.

"We are not polarized. Don't dare to use suck words anymore. @Narendramodi is our prime minister who is elected by the whole nation with great mandate," Praveen Dwivedi tweeted. 

The New York Times Company owns the newspaper which is famous as a paper of records in America.  The paper's motto, "All the News That's Fit to Print". Editorially, the paper claims to be liberal.