Had the rioters in Mangaluru managed to break into the private arms shop, loot the 40 guns along with the 3,000 rounds of ammunition, the unthinkable would have happened. Had it not been for the police and the quick action the force taken, Mangaluru would have been covered in blood.

In a massive exposé conducted by Suvarna News, it became extremely clear that none of these so called, protestors had any plans of undertaking a peaceful protest. The anti-citizenship violence in Mangaluru was entirely pre-planned and the intention was to burn down a city and ensure that people died en-masse.

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When one looks at the visuals at first, there is a good chance that it could be mistaken for Kashmir. The rioters with their faces covered are relentlessly pelting stones. The operation was meticulously planned and there are even visuals of an auto filled with stones reaching the riot spot.

Completely pre-planned:

In the aftermath of the Jamia Millia riots in Delhi, the police had found sacks of stones on the streets, clearly indicating that radical elements had come well prepared to create a ruckus.

The case in Mangaluru is no different. The visual shows an auto laden with stones arriving at the spot, which falls under the Bandar Police station limits. A mob charges towards the auto pulls down the sacks filled with stones. Instantly they pick up the stones and begin pelting it at police. The CCTV grab captures clearly the manner in which the auto arrives at the spot and these radical elements pick up stones and hurl it at police personnel.

Destroying CCTVs:

The second visual released by Suvarna News shows the rioters breaking a CCTV camera. With their faces covered, they walk up to the camera with a stick and break the camera. This was a visual that was captured just before the riots took place. It is a clear indicator that these persons had pre-planned a major ambush in the city and did not want to be captured. More importantly, it suggests that the riots did not take place in the spur of the moment. Bringing an auto with stones and before that breaking the CCTV camera is a clear indicator that the riot was planned well in advance.

Obstruction of duty:

The third visual shows how these radical rioters blocking a police van. A mob comes out on to Mission Street and puts a pole on the road to block a police van. A van approaches the area, but the rioters hurl stones, forcing the police van to retreat. Immediately the mob comes out and places another pole on the road. In the midst of this another rioter runs towards a CCTV camera and pelts stones at it. Another group brings a pushcart on the streets and blocks the road with it. In the midst of all this madness, two persons are seen running riot; one is sporting a helmet, while another has his face covered.

Preparing for a bloodbath:

Now, had the rioters succeeded, the consequences would have been unthinkable. A visual of the rioters trying to break into the Kini Gun House under the Bandar Police station limits, only indicates what these persons were up to. At the time of the incident, there were nearly 40 guns in the shop and 3,000 bullets.

Thanks to quick thinking by police and brave action, the rioters were unsuccessful in gaining entry into the shop. The rioters were clearly planning on stealing guns and opening fire on police and general public. We need to thank the brave police for acting tough, failing which, Mangaluru could have been drowned in a sea of blood.

The provocation:

On Saturday, Congress MLA from Mangaluru, UT Khader was booked for making a provocative speech against the new act. In his complaint, Sandesh Kumar Shetty, the BJP’s Dakshina Kannada Yuva Morcha general secretary said that Khader had incited the people to indulge in criminal activities.

He incited the people by saying that Karnataka will burn if the act is implemented in the state. The police booked a case under Section 124 A, (Sedition). The police are now closely studying if the planned violence in Mangaluru has a direct link with the provocative statements made by Khader.

Role of radical elements:

The police are also studying if any radical and terror groups played a part in the riots. The Uttar Pradesh and Delhi Police spoke about the presence of radical elements and terror groups during the protests.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too on Sunday said that the Congress, Naxalites, educated Naxalites and their allies are spreading rumours that Muslims will be sent to detention camps. Further an Intelligence Bureau report prepared last week also said that groups such as the SIMI have entered the protests and has been sending its cadres to various parts of the country to fan violence.