Bengaluru: Sarla Minni is 65 years old. She is a hit among children with her stories. Today, she is a loving grandmother to thousands of kids. 

She says, "I have been telling stories to my grand-daughter for a long time. But from 21 March 2017, I became a nanny with a story. Actually, this happened when my niece Parul living in Surat asked me to record and send the story. I recorded and sent the story. Wherever this story reached, it was praised. People also asked if they could get to hear these stories daily in this way. This is how the story started,” as quoted by Dainik Bhaskar. 


Sarla is also a graduate in Philosophy and Psychology. But took up a course in Montessori because she likes children. 

She adds, “I am a graduate in Philosophy and Psychology, but I never did a job. Then we got married, but when the children grew up and went out to study, there was an emptiness. Then I felt that I should teach, I like more with children. I took a Montessori course after 30 years of graduation. I passed First Class with Distinction, in that course my daughter had children of her age. Then I taught for 6 months in Montessori. Then took abacus training from ICMAS”.

The effectiveness with which she tells stories is a massive hit. She gets calls from parents expressing their joy over the stories and how they help the kids understand things. More than anything else, it is the voice messages from these kids that makes her a lot more happy and satisfied. 

But it is certainly not an easy job. She has to put in a lot of hard work to read up. Sometimes, a story may have more than one version. So she has to read them up and improvise.