Hyderabad: An admirer of Donald Trump's "strong leadership" and "bold attitude" in Telangana erected a six-foot-tall statue of the US president at his home and has been worshipping him as a "God".

As tensions over trade-related issues heat up between India and the US, Bussa Krishna, a 32-year-old farmer from Konne village in Jangaon district, Telangana unveiled the Trump statue and applied "tilak" and garlanded it before performing "Abhishekam" and "Aarti" by chanting "Jai Jai Trump."

Speaking to reporters, Krishna said that he "worships" Trump because of his strong leadership and likes his fearless attitude. He also said that he would meet the US president someday.

Krishna's mother also reportedly said that he spent about Rs 1.3 lakh to install Donald Trump's statue and even organised a feast for the villagers in Konne.

He has also been admiring Trump's photo for the last three years.

The people realised Krishna's affection towards Trump after he celebrated the US president's 73rd birthday on June 14 by putting up posters outside his home to wish him.

According to reports, US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, is said to be visiting India. In his visit, Pompeo has said the US is "open" to discuss trade issues and has also pushed India to give American firms access to local markets.