Telangana: A court in Telangana has sentenced a man to five years of rigorous imprisonment for assaulting his daughter. According to sources, the man has been identified as Paramesh.

It is reported that the 38-year-old Paramesh had adopted the minor from his sister-in-law, years ago. The man on February 10 tried to assault the minor. He even showed her objectionable videos and threatened her. He warned the girl not to disclose whatever happened and threatened that she will be killed if she discloses the incident to anyone.

After the trial, the first additional district judge convicted the accused and pronounced him a sentence of five years in prison.

Similarly, days ago Uttar Pradesh Police arrested a man for allegedly raping his daughter, aged 15. The victim had allegedly been raped multiple times by her father over a period of six months.

In another incident, a 45-year-old man was arrested by police on August 1 for allegedly impregnating his 15-year-old daughter. The incident occurred at Musunuru near Kavali, Andhra Pradesh.

The incident came to light after the victim's mother and the victim visited the Government Area Hospital in Kavali urging them to abort the pregnancy on July 30 evening. The hospital authority and doctor alerted the Kavali Police station.