Bengaluru: Has the opposition, in its hurry to expose the Narendra Modi-led Indian government, only ending up defaming it? 

Well, Telangana BJP leader NV Subhash thinks so. 

A day after AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi blamed Narendra Modi for not controlling the coronavirus pandemic situation in the country, the BJP leader took resort to statistics to prove why Owaisi was wrong. 

He quoted these figures. 

India’s death rate is 2.8 percent as against the world's 5.8 percent, which stands the lowest among the Coronavirus-affected nations. Brazil has a fatality rate of 4.5 percent, Mexico 8.9 percent, while Iran’s death rate stands at 4.9 percent, the US at 5.8 percent Canada 8.1 percent, and the UK 14.2 percent. 

He took these data from the World Health Organisation. 
Subhash further said, "Because of Narendra Modi's tougher measures, the country is now in a safe situation. The lockdown has been clamped in a planned manner without causing much panic. Owaisi might have been playing politics blindfold as everyone is much aware that because of lockdown imposed in phases, fighting the virus became easy for the health officials.”

He urged Owaisi not to resort to mud-slinging.

“Every nation has followed the Modi style of functioning applauding his efforts in containing the virus. Owaisi must stop mud-slinging on the Centre to gain political mileage."

"Don't keep hopes on Modi Ji that he will save you from the virus. Clapping hands or lighting diyas will not avoid the spread. The Government of India led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completely failed in controlling the coronavirus situation," Owaisi had said. 

But what the AIMIM leader forgot to recognise is that lighting lamps or clapping hands wasn’t an exercise to drive out corona but was a symbolic measure to create more awareness about the virus and a greater symbol of gratitude to our corona warriors.