Thiruvananthapuram: In a press conference in Kerala's capital, Thiruvananthapuram, state chief electoral officer Teeka Ram Meena confirmed that nine persons had cast 12 bogus votes in Pamburuthi, Kannur. Regarding this, Meena has instructed the district collector to take strict action against the officials concerned. 

Meena had asked the collector to take action against the presiding officer under IPC section 134. He also sought action against the micro-observer and the first polling officer. According to sources, bogus voting was witnessed in chief minister’s constituency Dharmadom. Meena sought a probe in the participation of officials, who helped bogus voters to vote in the constituency. It is also reported that a person named Sayooj cast his vote at booth number 52 in Dharmadom, but his actual voter booth happened to be 47 in Dharmadom constituency.

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Earlier on May 2,  Meena confirmed that three women had cast bogus votes in the state during Lok Sabha polls. The Kerala Police registered a criminal case against the trio. The accused are identified as Saleena PP, a CPI(M) panchayat member, Sumayya KP, CPI(M) leader and P Padmini. 

According to sources, the three women cast their votes twice in Pilathara, Kasaragod constituency, on April 23. Defending them, the Left wing leaders said that it was not a case of bogus vote, but open vote.

The state registered a voter turnout of 77.68%, according to the figures released by the Election Commission (EC). Kannur saw the highest voter turnout at 83.63%, while Thiruvananthapuram witnessed the lowest voting percentage at 73.40%. Counting of votes will take place on May 23.

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