Bengaluru: Every time Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks, everyone listens to him with rapt attention. 

But on the other hand, there is a section of people who pedantically scrutinise his words with a wanton intent to nit-pick errors. 

Take for example what the PM spoke at TimesNow event. In his speech, the PM said, “Only 2200 professionals declare their income of Rs 1 crore plus annually.”

But the moment he revealed this startling fact, the anti-Modi gang was out in full gusto! 

One of them was journalist MK Venu, who put out a tweet saying, “At Times Now event PM said only 2200 people show taxable income of Rs1 crore plus annually. Fact is 97,689 persons declared income of Rs.1 cr and above in 2018-19 AY. Such gaffes, also seen in past, represent chaotic governance at some deeper level! And this from strongest PMO!” 


And then, it was time for exposing him! Amit Malviya, the IT-cell head of the BJP put out a tweet, correcting him on the PM’s usage of the word “professionals”. 


Amit Malviya was referring to a tweet by MK Venu in which he said a former CM had told him how the AAP would have got an additional 2 to 3 percent vote share as BJP launched a personal attack on Kejriwal. 


 Well, it was not just MK Venu who was exposed. Even Rohini Singh, another journalist who put out a tweet in this regard was schooled on the world “professionals”. 


Another Twitter user Aashish Chandorkar put out a tweet explaining the reduction in the number of taxpayers. 


The referencd to the word "Professionals" made by the PM was only in the context of income tax persepective and this has been wrongly taken as "people" which was never mentioned anywhere in his speech. 

Genuinely criticising the schemes with an intent to set-right the system is nothing wrong. But to use a microscope to search for non-existent errors in order to defame the Prime Minister will only amount to another gaffe. 

Watch the vide of the PM here.