Bengaluru: Satya and Jyoti are a couple who used to work in the United States. They were earning well but wanted to do something different in their motherland. 

That is when they returned to India and started food business. No, it was certainly not regular stuff. The two decided to open food trucks in Okhla, Delhi in 2012. 

They sold mostly South Indian food. However, they did not taste success initially. 

But the two were persevering. Satya met his mentor SL Ganapathi who advised him thus, “Do you have any hotel or restaurant? You have a food truck. If customers are not coming to you, then you go to the customers,” as quoted by Dainik Bhasker. 

This advice was indeed very helpful. They took their truck to his apartment. And in a matter of three hours, all the items were sold! 

As the two are South Indians, they ensured they sold dishes typical to this part of the country. 

Satya adds, “We were serving tasty food at home in our food truck. It included items like rava dosa, tomato onion uttapam, meduvada, filter coffee, Malabar paratha. It was not easily found in Delhi. We had specialties in it, because we are South Indians.” 

Slowly but surely, they expanded their business. What started in one truck expanded to 3 trucks. From Delhi, they set foot in Gurgaon. Now they employ 20 people and their business has gone well beyond the Rs 1 crore mark. 

It is important to note that during the lockdown, when shutters were downed across India, they took snack orders and delivered it to homes. 

Even as the two taste success, Satya has a word of caution. He says, “Those who want to get into business, remember that many times there is no success in the beginning. Do not panic and stop working. Rather follow what you have thought. You will definitely get success.”