Villupuram: Tik Tok has been in the news for a while now, with people committing suicide on it or making funny videos. But here is an interesting story of a woman who found her long lost husband on the app.

The woman was allegedly abandoned by her husband three years ago. After several failed attempts at finding him, she finally discovered him on the Chinese app.

Suresh and Jayapradha were married and the couple had two children. One day in 2017, Suresh left for work and never returned.

Jayapradha tried to find her husband and inquired with Suresh’s friends and relatives but in vain. She then filed a missing person complaint with the police. Although an FIR was registered, there was no progress in the case.

Just days ago, one of Jayapradha’s relatives stumbled upon a TikTok video wherein she recognised the man as Suresh. She immediately informed Jayapradha who rushed to the Villupuram Police Station.

Upon inquiry, Suresh stated that he left home after a family quarrel and didn’t wish to return. He also told police that he was in a relationship with a transwoman but has now agreed to return to his family.

This is the first time TikTok has come to the rescue in finding a missing person.

TikTok ban was lifted in Tamil Nadu just a few months ago. The Madras high court had banned the app citing concerns of child safety.

Earlier, Tamil Nadu’s MLA Thamimun Ansari had also sought a ban on the app due to prominence of obscene content, to which the state government had agreed to enforce a ban.