Vellore: A young electrician and his one-year-old son were murdered by his wife a few days ago in a village near Arcot, Tamil Nadu.

The electrician Raja used to allegedly get drunk and beat up his wife Deepika (20). Raja’s friend Jayaraj protected Deepika from her drunken husband multiple times as a result of which, Deepika reportedly fell in love with Jayaraj.

In the absence of her husband, the lovers apparently met at her house. They soon began discussing to start a new life afresh. They decided to kill Raja and her little son, so that they could start their own family after convincing their relatives and the police that her drunken husband had disappeared with the child.

Deepika complained to the police on May 13. When the cops wanted Raja's mobile phone number to track him, she said he had left his phone at home. This made the police suspect that this could be a case of an illicit relationship. So, they interrogated the woman and she reportedly cracked under intense questioning.

During the interrogation, Deepika confessed that she killed her husband by throwing a boulder on his head and also strangled her child because she didn’t want him to grow up being ridiculed as a murderer’s son.

According to the police, when they asked her that it is impossible for her to dispose two bodies alone, then she confessed about her affair with Jayaraj.

When questioned by the police, Jayaraj is reported to have admitted to partaking in the plan to kill Raja and the son, but he did not know that she was going to kill them so soon. He said that he came to know of the murder only after she called him to inform that she had killed the husband and son and wanted his  help in disposing of the bodies.