Krishnagiri: A college girl drugged and brutally beat up her fiancée in Chennappanaiyakanoor, Tamil Nadu on May 25 a day after they were engaged.

According to police, a 27-year-old engineering graduate C Saravana who works in a private firm was admitted in Uthangarai Government Hospital, Tamil Nadu by passers-by who noticed him lying unconscious and bleeding on a street at Chennappanaiyakanoor. His relatives were informed, and they later shifted him to a private hospital at Salem, where he regained consciousness the next day

His fiancée, Jhansi, a 19-year-old college girl, called him to her house at Chennappanaiyakanoor on the night of May 25.

Saravana went to her home and was served a glass of juice when the couple went to the rear exit of her house. Jhansi had allegedly spiked Saravana’s glass of juice. She then led him to a dark location where her associates were waiting. They beat him up brutally and left him unconscious on the road where he was found by passers-by.

Saravana has filed a complaint at Uthangarai police station. Police are on the lookout for Jhansi and others involved. The reason for the attack is still unknown.