A duo from Tamil Nadu's Sivagangai district has set an example by designing a bicycle that runs on solar power. On power, it can travel up to 30 km and can be used as a humble bicycle. 

The duo, identified as Veeraguruharikirishnan (12) and Sampathkrishnan (11), hailing from the Sivagangai College road area. Their idea for a solar-powered bicycle was inspired after they witnessed that the fuel prices were soaring. That's when they started churning out ideas and decided to design a solar-powered motorized bicycle that is easy on the planet and they eventually succeeded in fitting the bicycle with the appropriate materials such as the battery, motor, and solar panels that they purchased in stores and online. 

Speaking to a media portal, Veeraguruharikrishnan said that it was only when they were cycling on vacation during the lockdown and watching YouTube, came up with the idea of inventing something new from the things that we own.

He further informed that the bicycle costs only Rs 10 thousand and can travel up to 30 km when exposed to sunlight and can be operated when charged for 5 hours. "This bicycle can carry a total weight of up to 150 kgs. Mobile phones charging slots are also available on the bicycle," added Veeraguruharikrishnan.

This duo has set an example as to how we can make it a better place to live in. Do share your ideas and experiments.