Coimbatore: On May 27, residents of Karattumedu near Saravanampatti noticed a girl child dead on the road heading towards Karattumedu hill-Murugan temple, after which they informed police who rushed to the spot and sent the body for post-mortem.

According to police, a man named Tamil Selvan allegedly killed the 3-year-old girl near Saravanampatti in the suburbs of Coimbatore. Police has launched a search operation for the absconding suspect.

Investigation has revealed that on the evening of May 26, a man was seen roaming with the same girl on the foothills of Karattumedu, and a woman was seen looking for the child near Saravanampatti.

According to police, the woman, identified as Rubini (30), was shocked to find her baby dead.

During the investigation, Rubini told police that she is a resident of Karamadai-Velliyankadu and lived only with her three-year-old daughter Devi Shree after her husband Paul Raj left her a couple of years ago over a dispute.

Few weeks ago, she met a man named Tamil Selvan and both of them became friends. On May 26 Tamil called Rubini and promised to help her lead a new life. He asked her to meet him in Saravanampatti and asked her to bring her child along. Trusting Tamil, Rubini came to Saravanampatti the same evening. Tamil took the baby along with him and told Rubini that he would leave the baby at his grandmother's house until he finds a house for rent and made Rubini wait near a tea stall.

After they did not return for a long time Rubini began searching for the child. She was informed when by police when the body was found lying on road in the morning of May 27.