Bengaluru: An adversity, if used well, can become an opportunity to achieve big in life.

That is what Yashi Chaudhary and her maternal grandmother Manju Poddar have achieved. 

It all began during the lockdown last year imposed to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. 

Yashi Chaudhary very well knew the prowess of her grandmother in making Kolkata sweets. 

She says, “I went to my grandmother's last year during lockdown. My grandmother is an expert in making all kinds of sweets. She has been fond of making something new every day. I became a fan of her by eating the sweets. During that time an idea came to my mind that why don't we start it at commercial level?” 

But it was not easy for them as many were skeptical. But they took the plunge and decided to experiment. 

As they started, they sent sweets to their friends and relatives. They liked it. And as they received positive feedback, they decided to expand it commercially. 

Now, they are tasted success. Yashi’s family too pitches in whenever required. Her mother too helps in whatever way possible. 

She says, “We earn well during the festival season. We prepare different sweets and dishes according to different festivals. For the first time during Janmashtami, we received orders for 40 Thal sweets. There were four different types of sweets in a plate - mawa's parwal, coconut grinder, peda and celery grinder. All these sweets were prepared by Nani himself. After this we also got bulk orders on New Year and Makar Sankranti”.

Their business has expanded so much that they get orders from cities like Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. 

They are busy sending these orders. At a time when many find themselves unemployed, here is a family that has understood the nitty-gritty of sweet business and earning really well.