Bengaluru: A sworn critic of PM Narendra Modi and Hindutva ideology, Left-leaning Swara Bhaskar, also an actress, keeps exposing herself for her gaffes and goof-ups. 

In a rush to voice her opinions and defame and tarnish the image of Narendra Modi and his supporters, she ends up being mocked and trolled in every endeavour of hers! 

Take for example her latest embarrassment. To drive home the point that the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens are anti-society or anti-minority, she gave a bite to a news agency claiming she doesn’t have passport or birth certificate. Within no time, her bite went viral and Twitterati disdainfully trolled her! 



Swara Bhaskar and her coterie have been enthusiastically advocating against the implementation of CAA, NPR and even NRC. 

While they contend that the CAA discriminates against Muslims and NPR and NRC are gateways to the isolation of the Muslim community, both PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah have consistently reiterated that CAA doesn’t apply to Indian citizens at all, while NPR is based on the concept of Usual Residents. 

The NRC is still in the drafting stage and there is absolutely no need for the Left liberals to go bonkers and spread lies and misinformation. 

Incidentally, Swara Bhaskar and lyricist Javed Akhtar, another Modi critic for years together, tweeted their criticism of the attack on Nankana Sahib gurdwara in Pakistan, an attack which only exemplifies the subjugation and humiliation the minorities in Pakistan are subjected to. 

However, the same coterie doesn’t accept the fact that the CAA acknowledges such persecution and is a godsend for them to integrate with India on a social and emotional basis. 

While the protests continue across the country, many of which seem to be orchestrated, the Shahi Imam of Delhi came out in the open and batted for the law, saying it doesn’t affect Indian Muslims. 

However, the ranting only continues.