Bengaluru: On Wednesday, a 70-year-old man named Riyaz walked into the office of Ravi D Channannavar, DCP of Bengaluru West. The same man who kept Bengaluru Police on their toes after he refused to be checked at the Majestic Metro station on Tuesday (May 7).

Riyaz said that he wasn't comfortable undergoing the security search and hence, avoided it. He also claimed that he has been running a watch-repair shop for 30 years in Majestic.

"The moment he saw his photo doing the rounds on television, Riyaz decided to approach the police to claim his innocence," said the Channannavar.

On May 7, security personnel stopped a man when the scanner at the entrance beeped as he passed through it. Suspecting that he was concealing an object, the official asked him to step aside. However, the man refused to comply and fled the station.

The incident was also captured on CCTV, which was examined by police after the incident was brought to the notice of Channannavar.

Karnataka home minister MB Patil spoke to reporters soon after and said that the city is on vigil after the incident.

The incident left Bengaluru Police on high alert and top metro officials were ordered to keep stricter vigil across all stations.

Channannavar even deputed police search teams to locate the suspect. This incident came at a time when southern India is on high alert following the deadly terror attacks in Sri Lanka that claimed the lives of over 250 people, including 45 children.

Bengaluru city police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar had held a meeting last month with heads, representatives of important temples, mosques, churches, malls, hotels, restaurants in the city and asked them to install CCTV cameras as well as follow other standard security protocol.