Bengaluru: To get makeup done is any girl’s desire, that too, on the day of wedding, the event of one’s life. 

However, as the costs are more, the makeup need not be affordable to all. 

So Ketan Herpara from Surat, Gujarat, has come up with a unique initiative. 

He has opened his own parlour where everyone can get makeup done affordably. 

The price he charges is Rs 320. 

He says, “Daughters have a heartfelt desire to get themselves beautified at the time of the wedding with beautiful clothes, make-up and nice hairstyles, but usually the bride's makeup is so expensive in the beauty parlour that many daughters just can't afford it. So I thought that something should be done for these girls. Three years ago, I started working on it”.

What’s more notable here is that only Re 1 is charged for hairstyle. Apart from it, dresses are also given on rent. The most expensive dresses can be hired for Rs 250. 

He says, “Expensive lehenga-choli can also be hired from our place for just Rs 250. Our most special thing is also that the bridal clothes to be rented are made by a fashion designer here. Due to these efforts, our organization has also been certified by ISO, which we are very proud of," as quoted by Dainik Bhasker. 

In this way, Ketan has done makeup to more than a thousand girls. What’s more! He has also trained many enthusiasts, not charging hefty charges.