Bengaluru: A chartered accountant from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has taken to honey business. 

He was working as a CA for 14 long years. Life was going on smoothly for him as he had a good salary, but he was hankering to do something different. That is when he decided to take the plunge. 

As quoted by Dainik Bhaskar, he said, “I completed CA in 2006. After this, I worked in companies like Cadila, Torrent, Motif India Infotech and Sterlite Technology, but the mind always kept going towards business. Finally started honey business in 2020”.

Initially, he spoke to a number of farmers who were adept at beekeeping. 

After his talks, Prateek invested Rs 15 lakhs for 300 bee boxes. Out of 300 boxes, the website adds, 750 kg of honey is collected every 15 days. Prateek says that it has been about 6 months since his company became full-fledged and till now about 3 tonnes of honey has been produced. Usually one and a half kg of honey comes out of a box.

On marketing: 

Prateek's maternal uncle Vibhakar Ghoda says, “We made a page of the company on social media and provided information about all our products there. People came in contact with it and the supply of products increased. So far we have not resorted to any retail chain or distribution agency. Despite this, we are supplying about 750 kg of honey every 15 days. In just six months the market value of the company has reached 30 lakh rupees”. 

He adds, "Due to the quality, we had done business of Rs 6 lakh in the first 15 days."

What is more heartening is that he has employed more than 20 people in his company. Out of them, 10 are women. They go door to door to deliver honey.