The name of Upinder Matharu is now in the headline in every corner of this world. Are you aware of this famous personality? From childhood, Matharu saw many ups and downs and finally decided to start a musical life. His career took a remarkable turn after some of the amazing YouTube videos. When it comes to Punjabi songs, very few people are there who do not know the name Upinder Matharu. Be it any style of Punjabi music, Mathura is a real gem in every type. The songs will definitely take you to another world of peace and happiness. There are several reasons to regard this artist to be one of the top-rated singers in current times. 

A Perfect Voice For Melodious Compositions

Upinder is just the voice you will love to hear for the brilliant compositions. Usually, he is a constant artist for the lyrics of Binder Birk. Therefore, UpBeat Music keeps on uploading lovely songs featuring Matharu. You can also find other videos of the singer composed by several lyricists. 

It is really a delight to listen to the devotional numbers of this renowned personality. More than fifty-five thousand followers are there on his Facebook page, and the number is increasing at a rapid speed. On being asked, Matharu expressed his extreme delight for being loved so much. 

Residing in Canada, he never thought that his singing career would give him so much. He started signing just for his own pleasure. However, with time, the people of Canada saw the talent in him. Slowly, Upinder became a star figure among his small bunch of audience. According to this fabulous folk singer, the country does not matter when the root is embedded within you. It is the Punjabi blood that is overflowing with beautiful songs. 

Friendship With The Fans

For any star, connection with the fans is very important. Upinder understands this very well and chats with the followers just like a person next door. The great devotee of Waheguru always considers this love to be the greatest reward. Moreover, he states that it is an honor for him to perform for so many enthusiastic audiences. It is definitely the blessings of Guru Nanak due to which people accept him so easily. 

You can connect with this humble man at any time on social media. He always gives updates of the latest albums on the Facebook page. Also, Twitter or Instagram handles are there where you can follow him. Right now, Upinder's marvelous numbers are dominating the Punjabi music world. Another outstanding aspect of this singer-cum-entrepreneur is the gentle behavior. Moreover, he is never boastful at any instance. This makes him the people's favorite around the world. Even the reporters also come out with a big smile on their faces after meeting Upinder. It is still unknown how a man can be so talented, energetic, and also humble at the same time. Some of his best videos include Channa, Zindagi, Oh Din Wadhiya, and Rulda Kissan. Moreover, recently, he assured the fans that a lovely video would follow soon. So, stay tuned for another mindblowing song in Upinder's voice.