Thiruvananthapuram: A first-year degree student of the University College in Thiruvananthapuram who attempted suicide after she received threats from Students’ Federation of India (SFI) leaders of the college on May 3 applied for transfer certificate from the college. Her relatives allegedly told media that they are scared to send her to college.

Earlier in her suicide note, the girl stated that SFI leaders had threatened her several times after she refused to do as they said. She claimed that party leaders forced her to join party marches and other programmes held in college.

The girl has also withdrawn the complaint which she had filed earlier against SFI leaders who forced her to join party activities. Her relatives also added that the college principal and other college authorities had promised the girl and her family that security would be provided, but the family was not confident of the assurance given to them.

On May 3, the girl was found bleeding profusely in her hostel room after she cut herself. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and is still battling for life. 

According to sources, the girl was also forced by the SFI leaders of the college to share posts related to the party on her social media pages and handles.

Party leaders were angry with the student for putting up posts on social media criticizing the SFI for “unwanted” strikes conducted by the party which resulted in the cancellation of classes. The girl had even complained about the threats she received to the principal, who did not take any action, said sources.

However, the principal of the college has denied allegations that he was aware that the SFI leaders had threatened the student. Sources state that the girl even approached other college authorities about the alleged harassment, but no one was willing to help her.