Bengaluru: In a heart-warming development, 2 students named P Harshit Verma and K Rudra from Telangana State Model School in the city's Adilabad area, came up with organic chalk sticks that could replace the usual gypsum ones that are used in schools all around the country, as reported by Times Now. 

The website notes that the materials used in it are rice flour, lemon oil, neem, natural clay, essential oils. 

The students were goaded into producing these chalks as they were well-aware of the consequences of the regular chalks. 


One of the students told ANI about the health risks caused by gypsum chalks, "The regular chalks used to write on boards by teachers are generally made using chemicals. These chalks are made from gypsum powder and the dust generated from it may lead to many health issues, especially in the lungs and eye irritation."

Other organic materials also included Oregano, Eucalyptus, and a flower called 'Sampangi.'

Not only are these chalks naturally made, but they also provide an aesthetic appeal. "We have used rice flour and natural clay for the preparation of these chalks. Along with these two, we also mix neem oil, lemon oil, camphor, and many other naturally extracted substances." Further, he added that substances like Jasmine and Sandalwood are also added to bring out a fragrance from the chalk sticks. 

This initiative has been lauded in their institute. Both Verma and Rudra hope that these organic chalk sticks become popular and are used all around India.