Hubballi: When students write their exams, they are charting their futures. But what if we tell you that a few students changed the exam centre itself to suit their whims and fancies?

Sounds strange? Well, truth can be stranger than fiction. 39 students of various colleges from Hubballi were writing their BCom second semester exams in a rented building in lieu of the actual room they were supposed to write their exams. 

 “The exam was to be held in a designated centre, but these students were writing it in a rented building. The doors of the house were locked. We forced them to open the door and found that the students were involved in mass copying,” said Umesh M, a police officer.

 The students of Gulbarga University were writing a paper on Industrial Economics.

 But moving to a bigger question: Why do students resort to such malpractices and why do higher-ups connive with such students?

 Professor KE Radhakrishna, an eminent academician said, “Such malpractices indicate the rat race that is prevalent in the name of education. In advanced countries, apart from grace marks, the aptitude of the students and their progress are also tested. But in India, emphasis is laid only on mass and not on class.”

 Further, he blames those who are hand-in-glove with such students.

“It is done in connivance with people imparting education. Unless teachers, formal or informal, are involved in it, such things can’t happen, he added.