Bengaluru: Life is all about challenges. If you are really a sportive person, you will understand it and be up for it. 

During the lockdown or during times of such crises, many faced challenges and found it difficult to lead their lives. However, in stark contrast, there are many others, who chose this adversity as an opportunity to earn better and get a new direction in their lives. 

Nirmala from Gorakhpur is a prime example. There was a time in her life when she found it next to impossible to feed her members. She did not know how to meet the expenses in her family. 

But she did not lose hope. She left home in order to get a work for herself. 

Moreover, Dainik Bhaskar reports that she came to know of National Rural Livelihood Mission. 
She reached its office without wasting time. Based on the information received from there, Nirmala started the Lucky Self Help Group. In this group, she included 14 women from the village.

Three years ago, Nirmala started her poultry farm with a loan of Rs 50,000. After working hard here, her business prospered. Not only Nirmala but every woman of the group is earning well from this poultry farm. The entire family of these women is currently engaged in this work, due to which they are benefitting from 3 to 4 lakhs. Nirmala is very happy with her success.

It is such people who really show us the way in times of crisis.