Bengaluru: Continuing its phenomenal work in the ongoing pandemic crisis, the DRDO has built a 500-bed hospital in Srinagar. 

What is worthy of note is that the organisation built it in a span of just 17 days! The entire project has been funded by PMCARES fund. 

Of the 500 beds, 125 have been kept exclusively for children. All the 500 beds will receive uninterrupted supply of oxygen from 62 KL Liquid Medical Oxygen storage tanks. Hospital management and doctors and para-medical staff to run the facility are provided by the administration of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

The hospital is centrally air-conditioned with cooling provision for summers and heating capabilities during winters to maintain a comfortable environment. There is a separate block for doctors and para-medical staff. Proper fire exits in case of emergency, provision of steel structure shed having inside refrigerator for mortuary and parking facility for vehicles have also been provided at the centre, Swarajya notes. 

A control centre with Wi-Fi, CCTVs and helpline number has been established for proper monitoring and hospital management through modern system software. Due to cold weather, special arrangements have been made to accommodate 150 personnel, including doctors, para-medical staff, pharmacy staff, security personnel and maintenance staff.

“The hospital will provide medical care to Covid-19 patients of UT of Jammu and Kashmir in this time of pandemic,” the ministry of defence said.