Bengaluru: The Palghar incident in which two Hindu monks and their driver were barbarically killed will make anyone cry. 

Any human being with his senses right will cry, not because they were Hindus but because they were human being who didn’t deserve such inimicality. 

Why to talk of human beings, even animals don’t deserve such disdainful deaths. 

However, while many continue to question the stepmotherly treatment meted out to the monks and the inhuman way in which a policeman handed over the helpless monk to the mob, there are many others who have not spoken a word on the issue! 

That includes AICC chief Sonia Gandhi. 

The Congress president often expresses her sympathies and condolences to those killed in mob violence and encounters. But her silence over Hindu lynchings speaks volumes about her nepotism and flippancy towards Hindus. 

Take for example the Batla House encounter that took place on September 19, 2008 at Jamia Nagar in Delhi. 

Two suspected Indian Mujahideen terrorists and a Delhi police inspector were killed in the encounter. The two suspected terrorists belonged to Azamgarh. Their families had alleged they were killed in a fake encounter.

But more interestingly, the Congress chief had cried after photos of the incident were shown to her. 

In senior Congressman Salman Khurshid’s own words, "I was not a minister at that time but still took the issue of the Batla House encounter to Sonia Gandhi. When we showed photographs of that incident to Mrs Gandhi, she wept bitterly. She asked me to go immediately to the Prime Minister to discuss the matter. I talked to the PM and it was decided that the matter would be further investigated and even the decision to appoint some retired chief justice of the Supreme Court to look into the matter was taken. Everything was ready, however due to election time, we could not do something as some people were in opinion that at the time of election, this thing could not be done."

If the encounter was fake, it must have been probed and the culprits brought to book. 

But the bigger question is: When Sonia Gandhi could weep bitterly for those dead in an encounter,  why did she not and why doesn’t she not cry for innocent Hindu monks who died with no dignity?