Bengaluru: Ajay Boricha is a known name in Rajkot when it comes to social work in the city. He along with his organization called Yuddh EJ Kalyan is playing an important role in organizing various social work in the city. He has always remained active in doing a number of things for the people of Rajkot. Right from helping the poor and the needy in getting the job to helping complete the education in the city, he has been involved in various things. He and his group have remained vocal against the sale of cow meat.

As per Ajay and his group, they feel the sale of cow meat in our country is not right and it should be stopped, hence they create various awareness programs and events on the same. On the other hand, he is also engaged in social activities like arranging blood camps in the city and helping people to get the blood on time. With the current Pandemic on the surge, the cases of COVID-19 seemed to be soaring high and it will continue to increase.

Thus, he has played an important part during the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic phase as well. He and his organization has worked hard to help the patients of COVID and help them in defying the issues faced during this tough time by giving them the blood. His famous blood camp event at the 150 feet ring road in the city bears testimony to this. He collaborated with groups like Swami Vivekananda Samarast Simiti, which attracted a decent amount of people to donate blood.