Bengaluru: A photograph of an aged farmer selling flowerpots in the hot sun and sudden rainfalls in Bengaluru, caught the eye of Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda who, on Monday, appealed to people to help the farmer.

The plight of the old man came to light when a twitter handle IMShubham tweeted on Monday morning tagging a few actors and requesting them support to Revana Siddappa, an old man who sells plants at Kanakapura Road near Sarakki signal. 

The tweet mentioned that Siddappa sells these plants at Rs 10 to Rs 30 while holding an umbrella with one hand to protect himself from sunlight.

Seeing this tweet, actor Randeep Hooda through his twitter handle, appealed saying “Hey Bangalore, do show some love.. he sits in front of Wular Fashion factory, JP Nagar, Sarakki Signal, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore”.


Responding to Randeep, the RWA of Kanakapura Road also stressed that they would be raising funds to help generate sustainable income for Siddappa.


Social media can be an efficient platform in today’s world to help those who find it difficult to sustain themselves. 

With so many people using social media, word can be easily spread about the those in need for help. 

The role of celebrities too is really praiseworthy. As they are looked upon by many, their exhortations on the social media can reach many a person, thereby prodding them to rush to the aid of the needy and necessitous.