Bengaluru: Prices of onions have soared in the recent days, literally bringing tears to the people. 

The Congress has latched on to this issue and criticised the Narendra Modi-government for not taking effective steps to bring down the rates. 
Though Congress is right in protesting the rising onion protests, it is pertinent to look at what one of its senior leaders Kapil Sibal had said about the rising onion prices. In a video shared on Twitter, Kapil Sibal is seen telling a reporter to ask onion traders or onion businessmen on the issue, and not the government. 

Here’s the video. 


Hold on! That is not the only video which proves Congress’ double standards. An earlier quote by Kapil Sibal himself had blamed the then PM candidate Narendra Modi (during 2013) for the rise in onion prices. 

He had said the country suffered a shortage of onions as the Modi government had handed over huge tracts of land in Kutch, which accounts for a big part of the onion crop, to the Adani group.

He had further added, “Those onions used to come here."

On Wednesday, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said the government had taken many steps to check the rising prices of onions. She also added that steps to improve technology for better storage of the kitchen staple had been taken. At that point in time, the prices had hit the Rs 100 mark. 

Congress has not left any stone unturned to take on the Modi government. On Thursday, P Chidambaram, former Union finance minister joined other Congress leaders like Adhir Chowdhury and others on the Parliamentary premises against onion prices. 

They even held placards and shouted slogans and demanded that the government reduce the prices and “stop harassing’ the poor. They even held baskets full of onions as a mark of protest.