SnehShilp Foundation was formed in the year 2004 by Yash Brahmbhatt with the idea to help the needy. Their vision as mentioned by Mr. Yash Brahmbhatt is, ‘to create a world where everyone gets what he/she desires and truly deserves.' Yash also mentioned that their mission is, ‘to prevent human suffering by alleviating poverty and hunger, conserve the natural world and help animals and enhance the lives of children through adequate education.' They have built many buildings for the cause of accessibility all around the city of Ahmedabad.

Shilp Foundation has organised multiple drives till date, including drives for blood donation, clothes, food and grocery. The foundation has also conducted tree conservation, plantation and Environment Day Drives. Besides this, the foundation has always been empathetic for people at Old Age Homes. Yash Brahmbhatt says, 'We as a team always welcome volunteers and that is the reason we are able to organise so many drives to reach out to the ones who truly deserve. During Covid, things weren't that great, and finding volunteers to donate blood was harder than usual. Our team toiled and did their best to deliver at that hour of crisis to make a blood donation drive happen so that we could save a few lives. Yash believes that cutting trees might be inevitable but planting a new tree every time you cut an old one is needed, which is why our team managed to plant around 65 trees recently as our duty towards the environment. Our volunteers also visited old age homes to gauge the needs and distributed food and clothes to the residents.’

Yash even adds, 'Pandemic got us all and so I can imagine how underprivileged people might have struggled at this hour. As a team, we tried to hand some food, grocery and other essentials to the underprivileged community especially the residents of the leprosy colony. I know it's small but we are genuinely trying our best. All we care about is bringing lives back to the needy. That smile is important for me and my team.'

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