Bengaluru: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is in the eye of a storm as he has made an alleged sexist remark. 

During his appeal for vote, he said, “Please go and vote. Special appeal to all women - Just as you bear the responsibility of your home, so is the responsibility of the country and Delhi on your shoulders. All of you ladies must go to vote and also take the men of your house. Make sure to discuss your men as who would be the right candidate to vote for.” 


None other than BJP MP Smriti Irani took umbrage to his tweet and questioned him if women were incapable to make their own decisions. 


In preparation for its 1.47 crore voters of which 81.05 lakh are male voters and 66.8 lakh female voters, the Election Commission of India (EC) has set up 13,000 polling stations and deployed 90,000 officials to ensure smooth polling.

At the time of writing this copy, Delhi had recorded a voter turnout percentage of 27.41% (1: 45 pm).