Bengaluru: Farmers have been protesting at the Delhi border over the farm bills for last fortnight or so. 

These farmers have come from the states of Punjab and Haryana and are ready to stay put for a long time. The rations too have been procured, sustaining themselves for the next year. 

For a moment, let’s keep aside the politics. 

This congregation of a lakh plus farmers has people from all religions. They have Sikhs, they have Muslims and they have Hindus as well. 

So the crowd here is not limited to one religion, but it is united for a particular cause. 

What stands out in this assembly is the harmony that is being exhibited by all groups. 

One picture that has gone viral is that of Muslims performing namaz. 


While performing namaz need not be exemplary by itself, the picture throws light on how several other farmers are standing guard, helping their Muslim brethren to offer namaz without any flaws. 

These protests are testament to how people can live in concord, irrespective of their differences. 

These Sikhs standing guard as Muslims offer namaz is a testimony to the pluralism that India boasts of. 

For thousands of years, India has been home to Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and people with myriad differences in culture among others.