New Delhi: Former BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha stirred up a hornet's nest with his recent remark on Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 

Sinha said that Jinnah, who created Pakistan, belongs to the Congress family along with Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru. 

Not only this, the veteran actor, who recently joined Congress, also said that Jinnah had a role to play for India’s freedom. 

"This is a Congress family. From Mahatma Gandhi to Sardar Patel to Muhammad Ali Jinnah to Jawaharlal Nehru... It is their party. They had the most important role in the development and freedom of the country. This is the reason why I have come here (in Congress)," Sinha said while addressing a rally at Sausar in Madhya Pradesh’s Chindwara on Friday. 

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Jinnah declared August 16 as ‘Direct Action Day’, also known as the Great Calcutta Killings, which led to the killing of almost 10,000 people.  

Sinha in a series of tweets took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Talking about the huge crowd at Prime Minister Modi's Varanasi roadshow, the Congress leader said it is all 'dhanshakti' (money-power).

Sinha was at Sausar to campaign for Madhya Pradesh’s chief minister Kamal Nath’s son Nakul Nath. Nakul is contesting BJP’s Nathan Shah for the Chindwara seat. 

Sinha also opened up about why he left BJP. “There must have been some obstruction, nobody betrays without a reason,” he said. 

He further said that when he joined BJP he thought it will be the first and last party he would work for. “I realised with time things have changed. Things changed from 'lokshahi' (Democracy) to 'tanashahi' (dictatorship),” he said. 

However, while addressing the crowd on Friday he said something similar. “Now that I have joined the Congress for the first and last time, now I won’t leave it,” he said.

Sinha left BJP after he was denied ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Patna Sahib constituency in Bihar.