Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and precious places to visit. The beauty of the desert that it holds and the desert safari's fantastic experience makes Dubai one of the top sites listed in tourism. But Desertraja, a Desert Safari Company, defined Desert Safari in Dubai as a step ahead, A safari of your life, and are drooling over their idea.

Shivam Phutela, the 24-year-old entrepreneur from Haryana, currently living in Mumbai and 12th pass, is one of the co-founders while Sanjay Singh, also 24 years old, from Mumbai and a Mumbai University graduate, is the other. The two young souls from India defined the Desert Safari in Dubai so beautifully and in no time reached the top of the industry.

A thoughtful company that offers comprehensive packages and customized deals to all its customers never fails to astonish the customers with high quality of service. Aimed at leaving a long-lasting impact, the company offers the opportunity to participate in a plethora of activities at quite an affordable price.

The entrepreneurs Shivam and Sanjay correctly placed themselves as the visionaries who aimed at changing the landscape of the tourism industry, an industry that is vibrant and vast. The hustle to reach the top is never comfortable, but nothing is impossible with determination and confidence; the duo proved this.

Enjoying a settled market in the travel and tourism industry and continuously growing daily, Shivam and Sanjay, with their great insight and determination, aim to get even finer by day. 

The excellent support and consistent watch created a buzz that made Shivam and Sanjay, the top entrepreneurs of the day.