The cat is out of the bag. The Delhi Police made a huge revelation about the Shaheen Bagh shooter, Kapil Gujjar. It was found that he and his father Gaje Singh had joined the Aam Admi Party in 2019.

Singh was quick to deny the allegation and so was the AAP. While the AAP said that this was a conspiracy against the party, Singh said that he had no links with the party. He further added that he was part of the BSP but quit politics in 2012.

The Delhi Police recovered scores of pictures which show both father and son posing with AAP leaders. Singh who claimed that he was not part of the AAP is seen in pictures handing over a bouquet to AAP leader Atishi. There is also another image of him raising his hands and standing alongside Atishi, Sanjay Singh and other AAP leaders. Some of these images were tweeted by a handle called, we support Atishi. The images were tweeted on May 3, 2019.

The tweet clearly takes the name of Gaje Singh. The tweet says that Chaudhary Gaje Singh was an aspirant from BSP, who wanted to contest the elections. He was also district president of Patparganj, the tweet also said along with an image of Gaje posing with the AAP leaders. The event was held by the AAP to welcome new leaders into its fold. Singh is seen with a garland and a stole which bears the images of Arvind Kejriwal.

In the case of Kapil, there are several more pictures that the police have recovered. There is an image where Sanjay Singh is seen handing over the AAP cap to Kapil. There are many more such images circulating on social media.

The Delhi Police say that they have no doubt about the authenticity of the images. These images were recovered from Kapil’s phone. The images are authentic, and Kapil too has confessed that he and his father had joined the Aam Admi Party last year.

On February 1, when the shooting took place, Kapil shouted, that only the rule of Hindus will prevail. He also shouted Jai Shree Ram when he fired the shots in the air. The sloganeering was clearly aimed at shifting the blame on the BJP.  This has led police to believe that this could be part of a larger conspiracy. The police could also call in Gaje Singh for questioning, if required.