Bengaluru: After H Vishwanath resigned as the president of the Karnataka JD(S), the search for the new president has become a headache for the party.

In the first place, JD(S) supremo HD Deve Gowda is trying his best in prevailing upon Vishwanath to reconsider his decision. But if he doesn’t succeed, there will be no choice but to select a new one.

Three names that are making the rounds, Madhu Bangarappa (youth president of the JD(S)), HK Kumaraswamy (JD(S) MLA from Sakleshpur) and BM Farooq (JD(S) MLC)

When addressing the press from the Vidhana Soudha (secretariat) on June 26, Vishwanath, however, said he prefers Madhu.

But what tilts the scale in favour of him?

A source said that Madhu is young and dynamic and can work in tandem with chief minister HD Kumaraswamy. The source added that he has this charisma to enchant the younger generation and keep them in awe. Moreover, the source further added that he is from the powerful Ediga community which makes it all the more relevant.

The other two, HK Kumaraswamy and Farooq, are a seven-time MLA from Sakleshpur and an MLC respectively.

Apart from these men, the names of Basavaraj Horatti, senior leader YSV Datta are also making the rounds. But sources said that Datta is in no mood to accept the offer, if it comes his way. His reason, sources said, is that the post should go to people from the backward classes or the minority, so that it will be in the better interests of the party.

But while the JD(S) is optimistic of a new guard, the BJP has a different view.

“Irrespective of who becomes the chief, it is Deve Gowda who pulls the strings. Moreover, the party is completely fragmented. No leader will be able to stitch them and install cohesiveness in it,” says Sreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson.