Bengaluru: At the ripe old age of 93, Chidambaram Nair, a farmer from Kerala is a role model for many as he still practices organic farming. 

What was once an interest during his childhood is now a full- fledged profession. 

He says, “Agriculture is the foundation of everything in this world. The day we forget this fact, our failures begin,” as reported by the website. 

“I worked as a primary school teacher in a school nearby for almost 27 years. During that time, I would cultivate my land before heading to school, till about 9 in the morning. After school, children would rush to get home, and I would rush to get back to my farm,” he further adds. 


Nair grows several vegetables and fruits on his farm. As he grows them organically, he keeps a part of the produce for himself, and then sells the remaining in the markets. 

It is interesting to note that he says organic farming is much more difficult as it involves the readying of the natural earth for natural fertilisers and pesticides. 

“The use of organic waste keeps the soil alive and in good health. It reduces pollution, helps conserve water, prevents soil erosion, and increases fertility. I don’t use any synthetic pesticides, and use cow dung powder, organic compost, and groundnut cakes as manure,” he says.

Nair’s routine is also unique. He spends the most part of his time in the farm. 

“I go to sleep by 8.30 pm and wake up by 6 in the morning. After bathing, I head to my farm, and only return home to eat and sleep. I dedicate the rest of my time to agriculture.”

Avial, a form of pudding is his son’s favourite. 

“My personal favourites are rice pudding and avial (a thick mixture of over 10 vegetables). He makes sure he doesn’t add too much sugar to the pudding. When we eat the avial, he makes sure we eat all the vegetables in it. We don’t mind, because it tastes delicious,” his son says.