Varanasi: Two cousin sisters got married at a temple in Varanasi and posted the photo after the ceremony on social media, according to a report.

Two cousin sisters got married in Uttar Pradesh against the wishes of their parents and family members, news agency IANS said.

Report claimed that the two cousins are residing in Rohaniya, Varanasi. They visited a Shiva temple on Wednesday (July 3) and requested the priest to get them married off as per Hindu customs. But the priest refused to do so.

It is said that the girls stayed put and did not move an inch from the temple. They sat inside till the priest agreed to conduct the wedding.

The girls were wearing jeans and t-shirts and wore a red dupatta on their head as worn by the brides. The priest solemnised the marriage and those visiting the temple watched the ritual in awe. 

However, as soon as the marriage rituals were over, the newlyweds left the temple, before anyone caused them any trouble.

After the wedding, devotees who gathered outside the temple, criticised the priest for getting the two girls married. Priest who tried to convince them of his situation gave them the information that the girls hailed from Kanpur and staying together as one was still pursuing their studies.