After the advent of COVID-19, companies across the globe saw a surge in manpower cuts, declined revenues, and a serious strain on their resources. As businesses shut, there was an overarching increase in the number of job losses and revenues. At such times, firms like AnyTechTrial who were not only able to stay afloat throughout the pandemic pledged to cover the costs of not only their employees but their spouses too, in a bid to protect their manpower and their families from the menace of COVID-19.

"I am happy to share that AnyTechTrial would cover the vaccination costs for all AT Ventures employees and their spouses. So, together we all can move forward towards a COVID free India with confidence", says the founder.
"We encourage our employees to read about the benefits of available vaccines and make an informed decision. All employees and their better half, can choose to get the vaccination done at any center in India, convenient to them and the costs would be reimbursed in full by the company", he adds.
This proactive step is in line with their sensitive and responsive approach that speaks volumes about the firm. AnyTechTrial has proved its mettle across the globe with its impeccable SAAS technology comparison platform. Powering businesses to select the most bespoke software tailored for their business requirements, it has empowered its employees to fight these testing times without affecting their overall well-being.
AnyTechTrial has in a short span, become the harbinger of promotion of an environment where firms are given the incentive to try the software for free so that they understand the scope of the software and its utility for the firm.
Having a catalog of over 5000 software, the firm has become the one-stop solution for scores of companies across the globe in signing into making effective software investment decisions.
With a wide-ranging set of software choices to compare and select from CRM, Webinar, Accounting, Inventory, Anti-virus and even OTT platforms and Digital wallets, AnyTechTrial has made a breakthrough with its endeavors.
Anyone signing into the platform has the option of taking a free trial to get well versed with the features of such software which will go a long way in facilitating that their business runs smoothly. This idea has received accolades from entrepreneurs across the globe.
Certainly, the committed management at AnyTechTrial is driven to facilitate a robust environment where both their users and their employees can work towards their best efficiencies without any apprehensions or doubt. Such organizations are exemplary in showcasing a responsible approach towards building a congenial environment for a healthier world.