New Delhi: A huge volume of gym drugs, made in China, are being pumped into India. This revelation was made after customs officers seized banned human growth hormone medicines – Zptropin and Somatropin – from a Russian national in Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI).

According to information, custom officers had intercepted a woman from Russian who came to Delhi airport from Hongkong. During her examination, they found that she was illegally trying to bring hormonal medicines, steroids of very high value, into India.

Importing these medicines in India is illegal, and these hormones are generally used for body building, increasing fitness and as anti-ageing agents.

“After suspecting foul play passenger’s luggage was scanned and examined which led to the recovery of Zptropin and Somatropin medicines which worth over Rs 32 lakh. Officials have also held an Indian man who came to receive her at the airport. Later during the investigation, it was found that he was her husband,” said a senior customs officer.

During the investigation, it was found that the couple was running gyms in Haryana and were supplying medicines to the fitness enthusiasts to fuel muscle growth.

The recovered medicines have been seized under section 110 of Customs Act, 1962. The passenger and her husband have been placed under arrest under the provisions of section 104 of the Customs Act, 1962. Further investigation is in progress, said a customs officer.

Growth hormone has also become popular with athletes who believe it builds muscle and improves speed. However, doctors and health experts do not recommend such medicines for fitness as there are several side effects of these medicines and can even lead to death.